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Givson Acoustic Guitar
Givson Acoustic Guitar
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Karaoke Echo Mixer Karaoke speaker Mixer Black PC TV DVD Karaoke system
1. As ECHO Mixer for Speaker.
2. Support Website Karaoke(Karaoke online).
3. Support Karaoke on PC or TV
4. Echo partner for conference.

1. Make Echo for the sound of speaker
2. With AV in&out, can connect wth PC or TV or Amplifier.
3. Have button to adjust voice of the music, volum of speaker, Echo and Tone.

1. With 2 Microphone input.
2. With 2 Microphone Volum Controller.
3. With Tone Controller.
4. With Echo Contronller.
5. With AV input and AV output.
6. With Misic Volum Controller.
7. Power light.
8. power switch.


1. Power Adapter 9-12VDC
2. Input voltage: 100V-240V
3. Karaoke Sound Mixer (ABS material)
4. Product Size:140mm X 85mm X 40mm

Package included:
1 x Black Karaoke echo mixer
1 x power adapter plug US plug
1 set of audio cable
1 set of video cable
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